Indulging My Need For the Inappropriate

Jane Eyre had fewer exploding heads.

I love listening to myself so much I started a blog.

The inspiration for this blog came from an unlikely source- someone I hate. This person is from 2 hours outside Chicago, and feels that his upbringing where 4 cornfields intersect gives him license to disparage everything about Atlanta. And I mean everything- the theaters, dance companies, artists, live music and the awesome food culture. Little does he know, Atlanta ROCKS. I mean, yeah, there are some shortcomings – public transit, anyone?– but there is also a thriving arts community producing ballsy, intelligent, relevant works EVERY DAY.

This blog is about just that: all the cool stuff that happens in Atlanta that inspires me to get off my ass and get out into the community to learn and create. At some point, I’ll probably post regularly- I’m not much for making (or following) schedules, but I know some people need that kind of regimentation. That’s ok.

My friends over at Twinhead Theatre were the catalyst to actually getting this thing started. (I’ve been bouncing the idea around in my head for literally YEARS.) If you haven’t heard of Twinhead, listen up! It is a performance/theatre group started in 2003 (maybe 2004? Check their website if you like things like “facts.”) by a group of Georgia State University students (including yours truly). Although I’m not a company member any more, I still get to play with these talented motherf&%#%ers sometimes. And sometimes, they make movies in 2008 that finally get released on DVD in 2011.

Loaded Guns: The Movie played at the Plaza Theater Friday night to celebrate it’s release on DVD.  And yes, it was originally released in 2008. The glimpses into “the future” were may favorite part. There’s not much of a plot to summarize, but I can tell you Sonny Perdue makes a cameo, they tackle tough issues like waterboarding and abortion, and have their fingers on the pulse of the avant garde fashion world. Think Kentucky Fried Movie meets absurdist theatre meets hot dogs. And tacos. Definitely tacos. Throw a few love stories in along with gore and tits, and you have yourselves a hot silly mess. If you get offended easily, I recommend buying the DVD and lightening up. If you don’t offend easily, buy the DVD and laugh at the German scheisse film references. And watch all the way through the credits. Please, God, watch all the way through the credits.

Twinhead is a vital part of the theatre scene here in Atlanta for a lot of reasons, but I’ll point this one out:  One of their goals is “to produce shows on conservative budgets to preserve low ticket prices make art accessible to everyone in our community.” That’s what art is about, right? It’s not about being better than anyone, or excluding anyone. Art is humanity at its best- whether it offends you, makes you laugh, touches you in a “special place” or simply shifts your thinking in the tiniest of ways, it’s doing its job. Thanks Twinhead, for producing daring works. Keep doing what you’re doing! (And if you love Twinhead as much as I do, please consider donating.)

I’ll be posting when I do cool stuff. And I want you to do cool stuff too! Any tips on what to do next?


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